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We focus on mobile technology design, implementation and management for innovative companies hoping to accelerate mobile growth. 

Implementation Plan with Soul Cycle covering 4 toolsets.

Data Integration & Management

Third-party pixels and SDKs provide valuable data to your business but often the burden of implementing and maintaining these tools increases internal overhead. At the Growth Practice, we have developed deep expertise with the biggest third party vendors in the industry.

We assist with tool-specific implementation and management through a variety of ways: 

SDK Integration
We help companies integrate major third party tools such as Appsflyer, Branch, Kochava, mParticle, Segment, Leanplum, Braze, and Amplitude.

Campaign or Tool Management
We help manage growth marketing campaigns and reporting analytics for major marketing platforms and tools.

Point-Solution Technical Support
We provide ongoing technical support and maintenance of third party tools.


Instrumentation Design

The Growth Practice will design the best integrated data solutions for your company. As part of our consulting services, we will work with your team to understand your business priorities and implement the best tools.

We prefer high performance, cost-efficient tools that address product and marketing needs at scale, value high quality customer service, and allow users to manage their data effectively. 

The Growth Practice's Walmart Mobile Growth Stack Guide is over 120 pages. We customize and document precision guides for each client to help them understand the stack and leverage it for high performance.

Growth System Integrations

Our team helps companies create integration roadmaps and technical product management guides.

The Growth Practice can shorten your implementation process and manage vendor research, negotiation, integration & QA, and product release.


On-Demand Technical Consulting

We are open to custom engagements where fast and flexible technical resources are necessary. Some examples of custom consulting include:

  • Evaluation of third party vendors against objective business criteria
  • Implementation of Braze, Appsflyer, Branch and other popular tools
  • Experimentation and analytics frameworks
  • Customized instrumentation guides
  • Reporting dashboards and ongoing technical needs 
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